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Brice House Restoration

The James Brice House is one of the largest and most elegant of Annapolis's historic homes, and one of the most important surviving structures from colonial America. Make Your Mark Media has worked with Historic Annapolis to document the restoration process of this house.

Other Projects In Development

Our next feature film - Patterson & Bonaparte - will tell the amazing story of how a strong-willed Baltimore belle overcame her tragic marriage to Napoleon’s younger brother to become one of the world’s most fascinating women.

The eldest daughter of a wealthy merchant, eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Patterson met the debonair Jérôme Bonaparte in 1803. Within a few months they were married. In 1805 they crossed the Atlantic to present the pregnant Elizabeth to Napoleon. But the Emperor banned "Miss Patterson" from French soil and soon annulled the marriage - he had other plans for Jérôme.

A woman far ahead of her time, Elizabeth raised her child alone and forged an independent life in Baltimore and abroad, investing in stock and real estate and trying to secure a title for her son. Her wit, beauty, brilliance and fierce drive enabled her to travel in elite diplomatic, social and literary circles in America and Europe. Her story spans the 19th Century, and by the time she died at age 94 she was one of the wealthiest women in Baltimore.

The film will bring Elizabeth’s life and legacy into focus with meticulously researched documents, artifacts, imagery and interviews with historians and scholars. Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner will narrate.

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