Brookeville: Capital for a Day


An independent production of Make Your Mark Media, this one-hour documentary tells the story of the only time in our history the President of the United States was on the run, and the Quaker community that sheltered him.

In August 1814, four thousand British troops defeated a larger American force at Bladensburg, Maryland, and marched in to our nation’s Capital. While the British set fire to the White House and other public buildings, refugees clogged the streets.

"Capture of the City of Washington," August 1814 - (National Archives Identifier 531090)

President James Madison kept moving to avoid capture, and eventually took shelter in the Quaker town of Brookeville.

The audience will hear from historians, authors and experts, and learn about this fascinating time in American history. How a community of pacifists sheltered refugees of war and became the Capital of the United States during our darkest days.